Cupping Therapy is used to remove harmful blood & toxins from your body. The toxic blood is taken out of circulation, by making small incisions on the skin & extracting it using a vacuum pump.

Cupping Therapy is a safe procedure if performed correctly. Unlike drugs and pharmaceutical medications, it has no side effects. It does not inject substances in the body, or prescribe internalizing anything. It in fact releases toxic build-up out of the system as opposed to increasing chemical and toxic accumulation …… Cupping has been known since ancient times.

Cupping Therapy is considered a natural, complimentary, alternative treatment. It can be used effectively to treat various conditions, and it is also regarded as a preventative treatment,“Cupping Therapy is considered a form of energy medicine because it has been claimed to unclog the meridians in the body, and is viewed by some practitioners as a cure that can alleviate black magic and possession”.

It is a therapeutic process that involves creating negative pressure against the skin by means of vacuum (induced manually, electrically or by fire) using any of the various vessels such as horns, glass jars, bamboo cups or more recently disposable plastic cups. It then involves superficial scratches on the skin to help release pathogens, toxins and the ‘excess’, rendering this therapy the best and fastest detox known to man! It is also a very effective therapy in promoting blood circulation, boosting immunity, re-balancing body hormones and energy, making it the best therapy for general health and well-being for those individuals who wish to have Cupping Therapy performed as a preventive measure but also as a treatment and cure for tens of ailments from body aches and pains including sports injuries all the way to cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, headaches and migraines, asthma, anemia, menstrual problems and infertility, sexual problems, skin conditions, psychological disorders including stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia…etc. Cupping Therapy is noticeably effective for the treatment of metaphysical and spiritual conditions such as Evil Eye, Black Magic and Jinn possession or for those conditions that medical practice cannot account for.

Cupping therapy is a very old method of treatment. It’s renewed after Islam which highly advised Muslims to do it. It’s the most effective kind of the complementary medicine. It’s widely spread all over the world. More than 6000 colleges and institutions in U.S.A., Canada, Germany, U.K. in addition to South, East of Asia are using Cupping Therapy as an effective complementary medicine. It’s a kind of the old Chinese medicine “O.C.M.” Every disease has its own points for cupping therapy which are the same points as in the map of acupuncture method of treatment.