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Reasons for hair fall

Its quite usual and natural that about 50 to 100 stands of hair do fall in a day for men and women, which does not cause any noticeable change as this phase is a cycle of old hair falling and the new ones growing up which is a natural biological process. The hair re grows at the same time in this cycle. Generally natural hair fall and diminishing starts at the age of around 40 to 45 years and then slowly as the age goes on. While hair fall and baldness at a young age can be quite alarming. These are majorly caused due to the present day lifestyle, stress, hormonal changes, unhealthy eating habits and usage of chemical based cosmetics. Young people have been noticeably experiencing thinning of hair around the age of 20 years and beyond that baldness starts to carve away their personality and looks causing more of stress and lack of confidence due to the changes. For men usually thinning and baldness starts from the crown of the head, takes up an M shape and ends with U shape leaving a shapeless portion at the back of the head. Women on the other hand find thinning of hair in the central portion of the head and starts to widen and simultaneously thinning all over. In women lots of reasons can result in hair fall due to pregnancy which in most of the cases do not effect for long time. The other reasons attached to the hair all causes are malnutrition, Hereditary and hormonal changes due to long time medications.


This is a common form of hair loss seen in both men and women, though women do not end up in total baldness the hair thinning happens all over. Wherein in men it is generally known as male pattern of baldness wherein the hair starts thinning and the strands becomes like thin silk stands and after some time the follicle loses its ability to grow back hair resulting in baldness.


Though hair transplant started in the year 1939, revolutionary changes have taken place as the years have passed. 95% of the baldness ends in U shape and stops, meaning the hair at the back of the head constitutes of different hormones and fail to shred off. In AFAU method of hair transplant the hair from the back (donor area) part of the head are extracted using state of art equipment and are re harvested to the areas of the scalp which has lost its portion of hair. These follicles implanted are less prone to fall in future. The procedure is done in an artistic way as there will be no scars as each and every single follicle is extracted from the donor area and implanted. PRP activates and enhance the growth and strength of the hair follicle along with hair transplant further give a good boost and long lasting result.