PRP Injection Cost

PRP therapy

PRP therapy stands for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. PRP is a kind of therapy has been gaining popularity recently.PRP is the first ever form of regenerative treatment and the types include PRP for hair rejuvenation and PRP injection for the face. Many celebrities and famous personalities are now using this expensive but effective form of treatment to rejuvenate their skin and give a treatment like never before.

How is PRP therapy done?

PRP therapy uses injections with various kinds of effective nutritive serums, for example, PRP injection for face will make it look vibrant and clear. Micro needling can be considered to be a part of PRP which helps decrease pore size, get rid of acne, black spots and also has a tightening effect. Here are a few important points on PRP and micro needling –

  1. PRP is basically obtained from one’s own blood. The blood is centrifuged to separate out platelets and stem cells. This concentrated plasma helps in tissue rejuvenation. There are various kinds of treatment, for example, PRP injection for the face.
  2. Micro needling is the use of a medical grade pen with tiny needles to puncture the skin, to create micro channels, in response to which the skin will produce more elastin and collagen and increase blood circulation in the area of injury or puncture.
  3. Hence, after PRP therapy, your skin will start looking thicker and smoother. It will also help in the removal of acne, scars and pimples.
  4. PRP, by creating new pathways for the blood boosts tissue rejuvenation. Two or three rounds of PRP treatment is recommended in every two to three months to get desired results.

PRP is an expensive form of treatment, especially when we look at the PRP injection cost. Each PRP Injection cost is about $800 with subsequent injections in the same area for $600 dollars each. The PRP injection cost is high, however, it mustn’t be seen as a limiting factor for it ensures desired results which will last for a period of almost two years. Now, that’s worth the investment, isn’t it?